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6 Customer Service Tips to Increase Repeat Purchase Rates

Increase Repeat Purchase Rates By Following These Customer Service Tips
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Everyone knows that an important, maybe even essential, aspect of running a business is having a loyal customer base. This will keep your organization afloat and provide a solid baseline for potential growth.

Repeat customers are those who have made at least two purchases from your business within a specific amount of time. This metric may vary, but many consider any time frame sufficient to determine someone a repeat customer.

You can calculate the rate of repeat customers by dividing them by the total number of customers and converting to a percentage. One way you can help increase this rate is to apply different customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Another key aspect to maintaining overall client satisfaction is keeping your customer service to the highest of standards. This helps guarantee that your customers come back, as it builds trust. Here, we will go over a few tips you should have in mind in order to reach this goal.

1. Be Responsive

Nothing is more annoying than asking for help and feeling like you’re not being heard. As basic as it may be, it could make all of the difference. It’s common for customers to already feel frustrated when they reach out for help, because they probably have been dealing with some issue previously. Sometimes, they might be expecting the worst, but they still would like their problem to be addressed.

The best thing you can do is exceed expectations. Address every single thing you’re being consulted about, and go the extra mile. Pay attention to their qualms and do your best to simplify and organize the issue so that you can take care of it better and faster. This will go a long way as far as customer satisfaction and helps boost their overall loyalty.

2. Be Mindful of Packaging

This is an aspect of service that is often overlooked by teams. Packaging is everything. It is a first impression and could mark the difference between receiving a perfect product or something broken, unusable, or even unrecognizable.

Make sure to address packaging issues as immediately as possible, as well as doing everything in your power to let the customer know that you have put a lot of thought into this. Nice presentation and attention to detail, aesthetically and functionally, can be a game changer. Make sure your customer service team is aware of the standard of presentation and that they uphold it.

3. Assume Responsibility

In line with the previous advice, assuming responsibility is not something to glaze over. Train your customer service staff to be humble while they are problem solving or troubleshooting. They should always know when to assume fault on behalf of the company or organization. Nobody is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Clients want to hear that you are aware of specific issues, thankful they are being brought to you, and eager to take any measures necessary to resolve them and make sure they don’t happen again.

4. Know What You’re Selling

A crucial aspect of customer service staff training is learning what your product or service is in depth. Your staff should always be more familiar with the product than your customers. This shows confidence and streamlines the whole process of resolving any issue at hand. This can also equip staff to be able to teach customers tips and familiarize them with what they are purchasing or have already purchased. 

5. Be Personable and Friendly

Make your customers feel safe and comfortable by being friendly, approachable, and human Customers will remember you more and think about the interaction for longer if they feel they have had a genuine exchange with your team. This is another way that loyalty and trust are built. Your staff should be able to relate and empathize with the client and their problems, because they also understand what being a consumer is like. 

6. Consistency 

Reliable customer service is a must. Thorough staff training can account for this, of course. As we have already gone over, building trust and loyalty with clients is arduous work that takes time, effort, money, and many times, several different teams. You’ll want to make sure that your service remains consistent across the board, so as not to disappoint or lower expectations for your service.


These are just a few starting points you can factor into your plans of action to increase purchase rates from a customer service point of view. These two things are inextricably linked and should be treated as such. Never underestimate the importance of reliable and thoughtful customer service.

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