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Improving Office Workflow With Paging Systems

How Paging Systems Can Improve Office Workflow Today
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If you work in an office environment, you know that one of the top issues to be dealt with is workflow, how team members can optimize their time, and how communication can be streamlined safely and efficiently. We believe that you can take care of many of these things by introducing a modern paging system into your office space.

Paging systems have been used for decades within many different industries, and there is no reason why your office should go without this technology. Today, there are many options to choose from. We’ll dive into some reasons why these devices can come in handy and how exactly you can make it happen. 

Reliability In Emergencies

Have you ever had to work around a faulty or poor internet connection? Have you ever been a client requesting a service from an establishment that had this issue? In today’s day and age, losing connection or even power can have a massive impact on business.

Everyone has something else they should be doing instead of waiting around. And, god forbid, in the event of an emergency, this could be catastrophic. But being able to communicate even in these scenarios could be a relief at least, and life-saving at best. Paging systems rely on RF technology, meaning they will most likely be able to withstand an emergency and get everyone the information they need immediately.

Sometimes, Wi-Fi is just not as reliable as we’d like it to be. We should always have something to fall back on, even if just for seemingly minor inconveniences. Most paging systems today also have Cloud-backed technology, which will save your information in the event of an emergency as well.

Long-Range Frequency

Another major benefit that a paging system can bring to the table is the fact that you can choose long-range options that have been specifically designed to be able to get your message across the network, even if your establishment is large, busy, and cluttered.

Paging technology is ever-evolving and has been developed to be able to resolve all of your inter-office needs. This means that you don’t have to fret about unstable communication devices and platforms anymore.

Discreet Messaging and Notification

There are many instances in which discreet messaging and notification are incredibly important. This is a way we can take advantage of modern technology. Say you’re in a meeting and you’ve planned a pitch with a colleague and have had a last-minute idea you would like to run by them so that they don’t feel ambushed. A small, discreet paging system can be the perfect solution. You won’t appear rude by throwing out a cell phone or tablet, and can instead just glance down at, say, a paging system smartwatch. 

Smartwatch Options

Paging systems today can also come in smartwatch formats, which makes total sense. We are already used to these kinds of devices, they’re not only portable but handsfree, they’re discreet, and they offer a bunch of different interface options. They can ensure that everyone maintains communication even if they are not seated at their desk.

Less Waiting Time

Integrating a paging system into your workflow can also substantially decrease waiting times, as it is a very easy-to-use, instant messaging device. Clients, colleagues, employees, and managers on hold will be incredibly thankful that everyone’s messages were able to get across without having to go through unnecessary platforms, phone calls, or unnecessary meetings. 

No More Ignored Emails

Nothing beats the simplicity of a paging system. Email and other messaging platforms can quickly become overwhelming just to think about, not to mention look at. Your little paging system is sleek, easy to look at and navigate, and condenses everything to what is necessary. Nothing will get buried under a pile of other super-important messages and you will be able to get to everyone and everything in due time.

Easier Broadcasting

Adding to the simplicity aspect, paging systems are great for broadcasting messages. You don’t have to jump through hoops and extra steps to convey a message to a group of people. Your paging system will have this option integrated and automated, letting you make sure that everyone who needs to see your message is seeing it. You can also organize broadcasting networks by zones.

Simple Installation and Integration

You can be certain that integrating these devices into your office’s workflow will not be an issue. Installation is incredibly straightforward, and so is the learning process for employees. Even the least tech-savvy ones will be able to use this, and will probably be thankful to have it as an on-hand option to get their messages across. 

Reduce Frustration in the Workplace

Your employees will be thankful that there is a system available that lets them communicate easily and prevent misunderstandings, alternatively being able to swiftly rectify them. If they work with clients, it will cut waiting times and help with in-house consultations and delegations, ultimately reducing frustrations significantly for everybody involved.
Employees and managers will also be able to communicate in a more fluid manner, which will be great for those skittish of authority or those over-worked and overly-responsible managers who would like to be able to be everywhere at once.

All in all, integrating a paging system into your office will be able to significantly affect and improve workflow for everyone. It is definitely an investment worth looking into and can be a great solution to many issues, from menial frustrations that can build up and turn into a negative work environment, dissatisfaction with work and burnout, to more severe and potentially life-threatening situations.

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