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Pager Services and Where to Buy Them

Where You Can Purchase a Paging Service
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Different types of pager services can offer solutions to a whole realm of needs. The best thing you can do to start is to investigate different available kinds of pagers and hunker down on the specific type of service that will be right for you.

From simpler, more classic buzzer-type pagers to more modern smart pagers, you have many options and brands from which to choose. After you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, you can move on to determining where to buy it.

Option #1: Dedicated Pager Retailer

There are a number of options online of retailers that gather many different pager and pager options on one site. You may be able to compare basic specs, check out illustrative images, and find links to buy either from this third party retailer or directly from the brand website. There may also be payment plans available.

Option #2: General Third-Party Retailer

As always and with basically anything these days, there are websites and stores that can be helpful in buying every possible product under the sun. Online, you can see people’s ratings and reviews, while some sites even have a “Top Picks” feature. If you go to a physical store, you may be able to get in-store assistance.

The largest online third-party retailers will provide a price and specs comparison table, possible alternatives for second-hand purchases, and fast shipping options, depending on the product and its availability. Some may also have a broader selection of older, second-hand and “vintage” items, if you’re looking for something more classic or specific.

Keep in mind that these online platforms will generally only be selling physical pagers, and probably not an entire integrated paging service as may be provided by a direct seller. 

Option #3: Direct Seller

The main benefit of purchasing and acquiring a paging service from a direct seller is that they may be able to provide you with an integral service, including installation and customer support and buyer’s guides to different models.

For example, Kallpod offers the choice of either remote or on-site installation, real-life case studies and reviews, LiveChat assistance, and dedicated and detailed landing pages for each offered product. You can request a quote directly and will be hiring a full service when buying your paging system.


These are the most commonly available options for buying your own pager service. The options can be overwhelming, and not every website or store may be too user/buyer friendly. But rest assured that there are options created specifically for you and with the buyer in mind. 

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