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Pagers Can Be Modern, Even In 2022

How Pagers Can Be Modern Today
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Up until recently, when I thought of pagers I would think about these thick, hockey-puck-like devices that would vibrate violently and usually feel unsanitary to even look at. I thought the latest innovation in paging technology involved tiny colored screens and a few simple buttons. But it seems that I was missing a lot of information, and have essentially been living under a metaphorical rock as far as the world of paging systems for hospitality is concerned.

Today, paging systems have evolved alongside every other communication technology device while maintaining their simplicity and ease-of-use. Being up to date with these systems could prove to be incredibly beneficial, so let’s give it a run-down.

Types of Pagers Across Time

We start off this journey into paging devices with vibrating pagers. These were one-way communication devices and let people know when they were needed or when they had to get in contact with someone. 

Voice-tone pagers were also commonly used at a time, enabling users to listen to a recorded voice message upon alert. As a rule, paging systems have always reigned superior to cellular communication because they used satellite-based technology to transmit signals, making them more reliable in emergencies. 

Later, screens were implemented and two-way pagers became more commonly used. Complete alphanumeric character implementations were a later feature added, adapting to already available messaging services. 

Today, pagers can also be wi-fi or radio-frequency based, supporting the now widely-known and available Cloud technology — and even encryption. They have implemented more functions into their buttons and screens, and can be linked to a wider network of devices like screens, smartwatches, tablets, and more. Today, paging uses modern IP protocols like any other digital communications device. 

A Breakdown of Modern Pagers

Modern paging systems can be a (literal) lifesaver within the context of  COVID-19, because they are built for wireless, no-contact communication, and cut-down on the need for face-to-face contact in many different settings, especially hospitality. This has been a point of contention for a while now, especially since reopening businesses and as new waves and variants come at us at alarming rates.

Customers and staff alike are being known to applaud any effort to streamline communication without need for direct contact, and pagers can be the solution. They now have integrated functions for pretty much any and all needs within a facility. They contain sophisticated but straightforward messaging systems for front and back-end communication, options for customer feedback, and even call buttons and messaging options for customers to be able to swiftly communicate needs to staff.

One of the more impressive features to some may be the implementation of analytics dashboards, neatly compiling and organizing the information necessary to plan new strategies or make decisions  and understand how your business or organization is working. These work in real-time and are a leg to stand on during peak work hours.

Managers have readily available tools for organizing workflow and conveying important information. In addition to this, modern pagers can communicate with other devices in your network, and integrate seamlessly with smartwatches or tablets, making them a perfectly efficient addition to your digital arsenal. 

How to Take Advantage of the Technology

Assess your business or organizational needs when building your own paging system. Not every setting will find the need for the same functions at the same time, but that is always up to you. The neat thing about modern paging systems is that they are as simple as they are robust, so you will always be able to find a unique use for them that will increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and even revenue. When thinking of 2022 and the times at hand, it seems like pagers might be the perfect answer to many of the needs we are facing today.

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