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Step by Step Guide to Using a Pager

Comprehensive Guide to Using a Pager for The First Time
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Beepers, buzzers, pagers, at one point, all of these terms meant essentially the same thing. Most of us knew them to be  communication devices supported by RF telecommunication used for alerting someone and maybe sending a simple message.

Restaurant pagers have numbers assigned to them, while emergency call buttons have a single call button and separate receiver/s. Pagers used in hospitals or factories might support shorter alphanumeric communication.

In today’s digital era, more sophisticated, or smart pagers are available, with additional options for Wi-Fi based communication and Cloud technology. These devices can be integrated with other smart devices and offer a number of other tools which can streamline workplace functions and optimize productivity.

Step 1

Identify your type of pager. Does it have a screen, or any buttons? What about a keyboard? Does it have a touch screen Check out the buttons and get to know them and what they do.

Bonus points if you can locate a manual or user guide. Your model number and/or name may be on the device or case it came in, and you can easily search the internet for user guides with information provided for your specific model.

Step 2

If your pager has a single call button and some options for setting the type of alert and volume, all you have to do is call and make sure someone else has access to a receiving device.

If it has a simple screen with numbers and/or letters, you can program a prompt message either vocally or with a keyboard or buttons if provided. The calling party will receive this message and know what to do. You can also program pagers to set either an audible, visible, or tactile alert (in some cases more than one at a time).

A restaurant paging set will most likely come with a hub and various devices, to which you will need to assign numbers. 

Step 3

If you happen to have one of the already aforementioned paging systems, your instructions stop here. Otherwise, you have a more modern paging system.

The truth is that different companies make different paging systems, and there is no one-size-fits-all instruction manual. The best way to get to know these devices might be to take advantage of their readily available on-site or remote installment and training, customer service bots and tech-support teams, and FAQ sections on their website.

Chances are that if you are a somewhat tech-savvy person and are accustomed to utilizing other smart devices, you will be able to get the hang of it relatively easily. Otherwise, if you own a business with its own tech-support team, you can ask them for help. If all else fails, just call your youngest friend or relative that’s into gaming and they’ll probably know what to do.

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