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The Top 10 Best Pagers of 2022

Best 10 Pagers Available Today List
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If you find yourself in the market for a new paging system, or are just beginning to look into what options might be available, this list could be for you. There are a wide range of paging systems available, and each one could bring something to the table that might be just what you’re looking for. Here are some of the most popular options you can buy today.

1. Kallpod

With three different options and fully customizable, Kallpod paging systems are the top choice and a favorite in the hospitality industry. Providing Wi-Fi and RF communication, Cloud technology, a data analytics dashboard, and dozens of different functions, it’s a multifaceted device. While it provides options for back-end management, feedback, and more, it is still very user friendly and can integrate with tablets and smartwatches. Kallpod innovates upon the regular paging functions we are already familiar with, and so much more. 

2. CallToU

CallToU is a pager built to aid in care and emergencies, and is Amazon’s top choice. With an attachable strap, waterproof body, audio and light signal, and volume control, it adds a few more options to a simple call button. It also plugs directly into the wall for easy recharging.

3. Smartcall IQ

The Smartcall IQ pager comes with an automatic remuneration function in the charging station tower, option for flash, beep, or vibration, and alphanumeric screen. It has a high-contrast blue and red LED strip so that it can be seen by people with poor vision or in low light. It comes with UHF technology that covers up to two miles with a unique ID to prevent signal interference. It also provides options for numeric and rugged pagers.

4. Gold Apollo AL-A25

The Gold Apollo alpha-numeric pager has a 4-line display and 2-line zoom option, is programmable frequency range, rugged, and is powered by a single AA alkaline battery. They are plastic and available in various colors, as well as a rubberized black version. It is UL certified for use in hazardous locations. This is a more classic paging option.

5. NOLAS 24

NOLAS paging systems are buzzing, vibrating, and flashing paging systems. They are widely recommended for restaurants and social distancing purposes. It includes 24 pagers and a charging base with a number pad as well as a power adapter. It has a built-in 3.7V rechargeable battery. The cover page is customizable and it provides a button to end calling, on/off switch, and fast charging.

6. Retekess TD157

The Retekess TD157 is a wireless guest paging system using AM modulation technology. It provides 16 pagers, a charging base with touchpad, and it powers on automatically and supports 1-click shutdown. You can set a pager reminder duration separately.

7. NiCalBel

The NiCalBel is a wrist watch + receiver paging system designed for caregivers and patients. The watch has a single call button and adjustable strap. You can choose between 52 melody options and the receiver plugs directly into the wall. It has a 400+ feet operating range in open areas. 

8. Retekess T112

The T112 wireless paging system is widely used in restaurants, healthcare, casinos, hotels, and churches. It contains 30 pagers and 1 keypad transmitter. You can add pagers as needed, supporting up to 999 pagers. It contains a keypad transmitter and charging dock, as well as a charging cable and adapter and attachable antenna.

9. Retekess TD164

The Retekess TD154 has a vibration, beep, and flash signal, and you can optionally turn off the beeping option for silent settings and environments. It can reach up to 2600 feet in open areas. It has a battery duration of up to 30 hours after a full charge. Guests can also stop an alert after receiving a call.


The LIOTOIN is another paging option for caregivers and patients, with a single button calling pager with an attachable strap and up to 110db adjustable volume. It is waterproof and comes with a receiver that can be plugged in. The signal has strong material penetrating power so as to be more reliable in an emergency. It has a frequency range of over 600ft in open areas.

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