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Why You Should Buy a Paging Service and What that Looks Like in 2022

Reasonss to look into modern paging services
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You might be scratching your head at the thought of spending your hard earned money on something like a paging service in today’s day and age, when we already have other communication systems in place. But rest assured, this article is not referring to old-fashioned paging lines. Today, a modern paging service can mean a fully equipped, integrated, sophisticated service. 

Historically, paying for a paging service meant paying monthly for a phone line, basically. In today’s day and age, you may be looking for something more sophisticated when it comes to upgrading your communications platforms and devices for your business or organization. Pagers today can mean many different things, so it’s worth it to look into all of the options available. 

Many pager retailers offer monthly payment plans for the purchase of their devices. But what they don’t tell you is that you may be paying for a long time, for something that may not work for you for that long. Your paging service might become obsolete, break, have an insufficient signal range, or any number of other issues you may encounter.

You could get a better bang for your buck if you know that with your purchase, you are also receiving full tech-support and customer service for life. You see, with more sophisticated paging services on the market, you may need someone to walk you through installation, configuration, and generally gaining a good grasp on this technology to be able to apply it to your business. There may also be different options and customizable features that you could benefit from the presence (be it remotely or in person) of a representative to walk you through. 

As well as the initial buying, installing, and training process, these systems can be robust and become even more so as your need for them grows and they become more and more integrated into your workflow. Here, tech-support will be a no-brainer. You will continuously feel like you are getting your money’s worth as you pay your monthly service fee. You’ll understand what a smart investment it was in no time.

Here’s a hypothetical for you:

You own a restaurant. You’ve just invested a couple hundred dollars on a basic paging service you stumbled upon in the initial search results while scouring the internet. The brand offers table and order assignments and a staff-call button, which is more than you were expecting. You and your colleagues have been talking for a while about simplifying and streamlining communication for your business. Things have gotten messy before, and this has led to problems. So, you subscribe to a monthly payment plan and receive the devices. They seem pretty straightforward. 

During busy hours, you expand your service area to accommodate more customers, and so far, everything is running smoothly. Lines are avoided, things move more quickly and efficiently, and your customers seem content. A family takes up their pagers to your outdoor terrace, and comes back an hour and a half later visibly frustrated. They tell you that they have been waiting for their order and staff hasn’t responded to their calls. You are confused and go up to test it for yourself.

It becomes clear that the pagers’ range cuts off at some point, and some of the buttons have also been malfunctioning. You apologize and resolve to call the manufacturer ASAP

They finally answer about 48 hours later, by which time you have already had to revert back to your old system, which at this point was the clear better option. Anger, frustration, and disappointment boil under your skin but you keep it cool and keep working as usual. You have lost money, but they only offer to replace the devices, adding that they’ll be back in stock in a few weeks, and can’t guarantee the signal will reach everywhere you need it to. 

A few days later, you visit a colleague at their business and see that they have a different kind of paging system installed. It seems more modern, and you see it is being used seamlessly by staff and customers alike. You ask your friend about it and they tell you they started paying for it a few months ago and have already seen it return the investment in productivity and customer satisfaction.

He tells you it hasn’t all been perfect. There were issues with the installation and training staff to integrate the devices into their workflow. But the attention provided by the seller has been quick and helpful, and it hasn’t come at any cost to him or his business aside from the monthly service fee. He tells you about all of the options available, and how you can talk through everything you might need beforehand to find the best one for you.

You realize that you could and should have asked around more and done proper, more thorough research on what you were buying. You have lost customers, time, and money. But you feel hopeful that you can still improve your business in the ways you intended to in the beginning, and you will be able to get your investment back. You thank your friend, and take some time that afternoon to speak with representatives and get everything resolved before signing on with  a different service.. 

This is why it is important to understand what you are paying for when hiring a pager service. You need to be able to access responsive tech-support and customer service, and this should be a core aspect and feature of your hired service. It can mean a huge difference in what you’re putting your time and money toward.


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