why use kallpod:

Better Sales

Drives >5% Sales Increase

Kallpod delivers higher revenues for your business in three simple ways: 1) Customers order more because it is faster and easier with no “lost sale”, increasing average check and sales per square foot. 2) Customers order what they want and pay faster than before increasing sales capacity and customer thru-put at peak hours. 3) Customers frequent Kallpod businesses more often than non-Kallpod businesses! read more>

Increase Efficiency

Improves Labor Efficiency by >15%

Kallpod notably improves store-level margins with major cost savings on the labor line from more efficient service in the front-of-the-house and smoother operations in the back-of-the-house. Employees are able to cover more guests both indoor and outdoor. Service staff no longer waste time trying to help customers that don’t need it, while making sure customers that have a question or want to buy something get the help they need. Kallpod also saves businesses labor training costs! read more>

Better Customer Service

Customers Prefer Kallpod Businesses

Overall customer satisfaction scores are noticeably higher at businesses using Kallpod with better Top-Two Box Scores. Kallpod empowers customers while providing staff the tools they need to provide the best possible service. Kallpod saves customers and service staff time! read more>