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Kallpod is the next generation of customer service and efficiency for your business. The technology is now used in over 30 countries around the world—helping restaurants, hotels, retailers, healthcare facilities and sporting venues, among many others, improve the guest experience while notably driving both sales and margins. Our products represent the most advanced direct and silent communication technology available, with thousands of businesses and millions of customers already realizing its benefits the world over. Kallpod is rapidly expanding and now available in all fifty states.


The sleek Kallpod device sits on, or can be affixed to, any surface and includes one, three or six customizable buttons. As indicated in the diagram below, when a guest pushes the button , a wireless signal is sent via transmitter, to the staff’s wristwatch where the specific guest request and location are indicated. The transmitter can be placed anywhere within a one kilometer radius of the Kallpod and watches; and this range can be increased if necessary.


The message that appears on the watches can be customized for your business, thereby enabling service staff to be informed of the precise location of the specific service required. Kallpod is also an effective back-of-house, internal/B2B communication tool. Additionally, our system allows for all data to be mined which is especially appealing for operators looking to measure important statistics such as service response times.


3-Button Kallpod


1-Button Kallpod


Watch & Pager


Installation is quick, simple and can be done in almost any venue in as little as one hour. Since our products are easy to use with very little hardware, installation and training can be done in person or remotely. Our team programs the system (Kallpods, watches & transmitter) beforehand specifically to fit your business and current operating processes. In addition, training, maintenance and support are included as your business grows with Kallpod!


Many restaurants already employ outdated paging technology that notifies customers waiting for a table when they are able to be seated. Kallpod’s next generation paging technology represents the most modern available today, with numeric display that indicates how many other guests are ahead of them in the queue. Our better-designed, more ergonomical pagers automatically update as guests ahead of them in the queue are seated. That way, guests know when they’re next in the queue, ensuring tables do not stay unoccupied a minute longer than necessary.


Paging stick with LED screen


Paging stick without LED screen

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Kallpod transforms the way your restaurant operates & dramatically enhances unit-level economics at your establishment by 1) improving customer service scores 2) increased sales volumes from a higher average check & more table turns with higher thru-put at peak hours 3) significant labor savings in front & back-of-house 4) better tips from happier customers, higher checks & more tables 5) Considerable time savings for guests and service staff. Kallpod is the most advanced customer service & efficiency technology tool for Casual Dining, Bar & Grill, Fine Dining, Fast Casual & Fine Dining operators available. While relatively new to the United States, our technology is used in thousands of restaurants abroad with unit-level economics that prove its effectiveness.

Better Customer Service Scores

Overall customer satisfaction (Top-Two Box Scores) was noticeably higher at restaurants using Kallpod with guest feedback for Speed of Service, Server Availability & Server Attentiveness showing marked improvement versus non-Kallpod tables. Interestingly & noteworthy, other areas not necessarily directly benefited by Kallpod, such as Food Quality and Value for the Price also indicated more favorable customer scores.

Stronger AUVs (Average Unit Volumes): Higher Check & More Capacity.

On average, Kallpod Casual Dining restaurant customers experience at least a 5% increase to average check, as customers are more easily & more comfortably able to order additional cocktails or desserts. Additionally, since customers can quickly & efficiently request the check, average Casual Dining meal times decreased from one hour ten minutes to around one hour, yielding more sales, faster and more tables served in a given week producing higher sales per square foot.

Labor Efficiency & Savings.

Kallpod clients on average realized a 15% increase in labor efficiency, as servers are able to easily cover more tables and guests, at the right time. For restaurants with multiple sections and outdoor areas, the labor efficiency benefits were even more significant. Servers no longer waste time wondering around blindly asking the guests if they’re ready to order or if they’d like the check. Servers are more attentive at the time when guests actually need them. No more awkward meal interruptions by the server and no sacrificing of face-to-face service, Kallpod simply ensures that face-to-face interactions with the server are actually when the customer desires. Kallpod makes the guests happier and servers jobs easier and less stressful.

Labor Training Savings.

Beyond labor savings from greater efficiency, Kallpod clients also realized lower training costs for new employees. With the high-turnover rates associated with hourly staff, many Kallpod clients reported that the training of new employees was easier and more efficient.

Back-of-House Tool.

Kallpod benefits extend well beyond the front-of-house. Our technology provides a simple way for back-of-house staff to remain in constant communication with the front-of-house. For example, kitchen staff can easily notify servers when a specific dish is ready and servers can notify bussers that a table needs to be cleaned. This saves time and money, improving the way your business is run.


Kallpod notably improves operations, service and sales for Bars, Lounges & Clubs. Kallpod enables customers to order more easily and more timely, while ensuring bartenders, servers and barbacks/bussers are only focused where they are needed. Overall, Kallpod increases sales capacity by at least 20% on average at your drinking establishment. Not to mention, no more “It’s impossible to get a drink” customer complaints or “the bartender can’t hear me because of all the noise.”
For Traditional Bars with both a main bar & tables, servers are able to more quickly & efficiently respond to drink orders at tables or in different sections, so the main bar is always less crowded with more orders being processed at more distribution points, faster. Simple! Also for smaller bars and those often at peak capacity, many clients use Kallpod to establish an additional space to order drinks at these peak hours near the main bar, so a waiter or bartender can service more clients beyond the space limitations of the main bar, increasing sales per square foot in your establishment.

For Lounges & Clubs, where table service & VIP table service are key, Kallpod is a no brainer—enabling special customers the ability to order more while saving service staff time so waiters are only addressing customers that actually need something. Since VIP patrons love Kallpod with all the special treatment and attention they desire, Kallpod will keep your heaviest-spending customers coming back for more. Kallpod Lounge & Club clients report at least a 10% benefit to both sales & tips on average, highlighting just how much Lounge & Club customers love Kallpod.

Kallpod can also be used as a back-of-house tool, to ensure front-of-house staff have the tools (glassware, cutlery, new liquor bottles or full beer kegs) they need to effectively service customers.


For Hotels & Resorts, Kallpod can be applied in numerous ways to enhance guest service in the room, restaurant, pool, gym or spa as an aide to hotel service staff, so they can cover more requests, more efficiently—removing wasted staff time while better serving your guests. Kallpod is also an important back-of-house tool for Hotels & Resorts so multiple departments within your property are communicating effectively. Many hotel clients place Kallpod in each or Premium/VIP/Suites, providing enhanced customer service to guests that have paid the most.

For the Pool & Outdoor Areas (attached to the Hotel Restaurant or Bar), service staff are much better able to respond to food & drink requests—Increasing the area, your current guest staff can service and in turn increasing sales, service and satisfaction! We estimate Kallpod increases Pool & Outdoor Space food & drink sales by ~20%.

For VIP Bungalows, Cabanas, Private Dining & Conference Rooms, Kallpod is absolutely necessary, so your highest spending guests receive the attention they deserve and expect, while ensuring Hotel service staff are only helping when needed. Your existing staff covering more guests, more efficiently!


Kallpod is a game-changer for improving operations and enhancing the player’s experience at your casino—whether on the floor, table games or within VIP sections, private rooms. Beyond all the benefits listed above for your Hotel, Kallpod provides a simple and modern way for service staff to more timely and efficiently react to casino guests’ needs and desires, ensuring they keep playing and keep spending. Kallpod is a must have service tool for VIPs & High Rollers, private table games—guaranteeing players get exactly what they want, without being pointlessly interrupted by service staff for drink/service orders during their game. Kallpod empowers players and with better customer service, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Kallpod is also an important tool for Casino Internal Communication among staff, with Card Dealers being able to quietly and quickly summons Pit Bosses, Security, Casino Management, a new Dealer or Service Staff. Kallpod connects the different teams in your Casino to make sure operations are as professional and efficient as possible.


Kallpod brings Retailers (Clothing, Supermarkets, Hardware, Electronic) closer to their customer, enabling you to sell more products, faster—while providing the best possible customer service.

For Retail clients, Kallpod is placed at various locations within a store so customers can request the service they need quickly and efficiently. This way customers and Sales Associates aren’t pointlessly wondering around. Instead, customers get the answers they desire or the size they’d like for a particular item they’re interested in, guaranteeing higher purchase rates and a faster sale. No more frustrated customers, unable to find Sales Associates. This is especially important for lower-traffic areas in a large store where Sales Associates are often tough to find or retail environments with outdoor areas. On average, Kallpod Retail clients experience at least a 3% increase in same-store sales. In addition, your existing labor force can cover 20% more retail square footage than without Kallpod.


Kallpod completely revolutionizes the way fans enjoy their favorite sporting or musical event, without interruptions by requesting service directly from their seat. Kallpod is especially relevant for Club Seat Sections, Private Boxes & VIP Seating. Sporting & Music Event hosts are better able to service guests, especially those guests paying multiples above general ticket pricing. Kallpod ensures your Sporting or Music Venue provides the absolute best experience for the most avid fan. No more waiting in lines during the event for food, drinks or tee-shirts. Kallpod allows guests to request purchases directly from their seat, resulting in dramatically higher food, beverage & souvenir revenues.

Kallpod is also a very effective internal communication tool for your stadium or event venue—connecting event staff, venue hosts, visiting team, performing artist so your event, game, match runs smoothly.


Whether in a Hospital, Nursing Home, Medical Clinic or Doctor’s Office, Kallpod dramatically improves operational efficiency for doctors, nurses and surgeons while providing a considerably more pleasant experience for patients. On its most basic level, Kallpod is a communication tool to connect patients with staff and also for internal communications among different teams (reception, admissions, pharmacy, operating rooms, lab) of employees within a healthcare facility. Kallpod improves patient flow by decreasing waiting times and increasing the number of patients that can be seen. Kallpod also eliminates the need for noisy overhead PA systems, providing a much more pleasant, accurate and effective work environment.

Kallpod is already widely used abroad in Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities—providing patients and residents an effective way to request help in emergency or non-emergency scenarios, while also equipping staff with a simple, orderly and modern response tool. Kallpod is a dramatic improvement from outdated systems that include cords, bells or lights.


Beyond all of Kallpod’s B2C applicability, Kallpod serves as a robust Operations Management tool for industrial, production, factory and warehouse facilities, enabling fast and effective communication between teams within your company, increasing efficiency and output. For large and often noisy facilities, Kallpod ensures each member of your operations and production teams is connected so each step of a business or production process is seamless and efficient, as product passes from one team to the next. Kallpod provides a simple and effective communication channel between Operations Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and their Productions Teams, so in the event of an issue along any part of a products production cycle, the appropriate team is notified immediately. Kallpod ensures operations for your company or facility are more efficient with higher output.