The Kallpod Solution

The Kallpod solution is trusted by hundreds of leading operators globally. Our customized platform enhances customer service and empowers teamwork between internal teams to channel their focus to the important task-at-hand, while providing your guests a consistent and memorable experience.

Kallpod solves the operational challenge of maintaining efficient labor staffing and ensuring the highest level of customer service.

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  • Faster
  • Faster
    Table Turns
  • Increased
  • Increased
    Revenue per Sq Ft
  • Increased
    Labor Efficiency

Kallpod boosts our operational efficiency exponentially. Our customers no longer have to wait for a server to come by or flag them down to get the service they need. On the other hand, they enjoy their meal without the server hovering over them. It’s a win-win.

- Jim Martyn, Canadian Brewhouse, Vice President of HR

Kallpod pays for itself.

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Guest-to-Staff Notification
Kallpod enables the guest to request specific services from the staff. Staff members are immediately notified on the Kallwatch regarding the guest's location and the type of service requested.

Staff-to-Staff Notification
Back-of-house communication is integrated, enabling kitchen and/or internal teams to send alerts instantly to specific staff members or teams about a particular need.

Standalone, RF-Based System
1 transmitter is typically needed for complete coverage. If signal repeaters are needed, our team will plan optimal placements to cover any venue, no matter the size or distance.

Customizable Equipment
1, 3, or 6 button Kallpods can be fully customized to fit your brand and to match the needs of your business. Our team configures Kallpod based on the existing floor plan and operational workflow.

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What components of the platform are customizable?

Kallpod is fully customizable from both a programming and aesthetic standpoint. For programming, we’re able to match the unique operational structure of your venue. Aesthetically, we’re able to design custom Kallpods and Kallpod presentation vehicles to align with the specific ambiance of your venue.

How long do the Kallpods & Kallwatches last?

Kallpods are wireless and have an internal battery which lasts about 2 years (or 10,000 button pushes) in a high volume venue. Kallwatches are recharged on a USB charging bank, which we provide to all of our partners. 3 hours of charging ensures the Kallwatches function for about 2 days before the need to recharge.

What is the signal distance of Kallpod?

Typically for most venues, only 1 transmitter is needed for full coverage, but if signal repeaters are needed, our team will work out optimal placement for repeaters. Kallpod covers any venue, no matter the size or distance.

Are the Kallpods & Kallwatches waterproof?

Many of our partners apply Kallpod outside. Kallpods are electronic equipment that are water-resistant but are not water-proof. Kallpods and Kallwatches can endure light to moderate moisture but will not function if fully submerged in liquid.

How is programming, configuration & staff training done?

We’ve created a fully-supported platform which ensures a very smooth process as you go live with Kallpod. Our technical support and customer success teams are available to respond to questions and issues throughout the duration of your service agreement.  While onsite installation is available, for the overwhelming majority of new clients, we configure, onboard & train remotely! By obtaining the operational specs, we pre-program & label the platform to ensure going live is plug-&-play but fully supported by 24/7-available technicians.  For training, while very simple to operate, we provide best practices to ensure your staff fully utilize the platform effectively and best introduce Kallpod to your guests.

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