Cloud-Based Dashboard
for Real-Time Analytics

Operational KPIs with full reporting capability provides owners and operators a new degree of operational data to better manage your individual venue or multiple venues collectively. The Kallpod Pro data suite enhances your customer IQ, facilitates more effective labor management, increases overall operational efficiency, as well as detail into your best and worst performing staff members and venues.  From day-part trends to customized KPIs, the Kallpod Pro data suite offers a new degree of transparency and insights that has never before been available.

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Direct Messaging Tool

Kallpod Pro gives managers and staff the ability to directly message other team members whether onsite or remote. The dashboard provides another tool to send unique and preset messages to specific staff members or to all teams.

Staff Accountability
& Labor Tool

Kallpod Pro streamlines staff management with the easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard. Managers can quickly direct staff to busier sections or to handle operational needs by sending messages or calling individual staff or internal teams. The accountability tool displays an overview of key labor productivity metrics to drive data-driven decision-making.