The Kallpod Pro Solution

By building upon the success of our Kallpod platform, Kallpod Pro was developed as a more advanced solution which incorporates a new design, mobile engagement, guest feedback, and a robust suite of data analytics & labor tools.

Kallpod Pro effectively interconnects guests, service staff, internal teams and management through seamless communication and a flow of real-time data. Kallpod Pro elevates the quality of service, profitability, operational excellence and your brand to a whole new level.

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  • Faster
  • Faster
    Table Turns
  • Increased
    Guest Feedback
  • Increased
    Revenue per Sq Ft
  • Increased
    Labor Efficiency

Installing Kallpod where we have the most interaction and opportunity to positively impact guests allows us to address all individuals that have a question or need to purchase something. Also, our staff is able to communicate effectively, bridging the gap between our new Fresh Bites Program [room service] and the delivery process.

- Cindy Han-Reta, Director of Restaurant Operations, Marriott

Kallpod pays for itself.

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Kallpod Dashboard

The Kallpod dashboard incorporates a cloud-based analytics suite, with real-time data reports to ensure that management can efficiently manage operations during peak and trough hours, and to develop solutions for the future.

Kallpod Pro
Back-End Features

Real-Time Data Analytics

Kallpod data suite provides real-time analytics within an easy to navigate dashboard which displays multiple layers of operational, staff and venue-level data. From day-part trends to customized KPIs, the Kallpod Pro data suite offers a new degree of transparency and insights that have never before been available.

Labor Management Tool

A two-way messaging platform facilitates a new level of transparency, accountability and labor efficiency. Owners and operators are now able to measure response times for specific guest calls, average employee response time and even average venue response time. Our labor management tool ensures no guest request is missed or any guest is left waiting.

Simple Back-end Configuration

The dashboard provides a management console which facilitates simple changes to account for staff or section adjustments whether it be table numbers, smartwatch ID/server names or messaging.

Android OS Smartwatch

The Kallpod Android Operating platform is pre-loaded onto each smartwatch, so we can ensure each piece of hardware is functioning properly and all software updates are facilitated remotely and seamlessly.

Guest Feedback Analytics Suite

Kallpod Pro Guest Feedback utilizes the Data Dashboard platform and incorporates guest feedback metrics into the Analytics Suite. Feedback KPIs are reported in real-time and in monthly reports to help managers understand guest trends and areas of improvement within their venues.

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What part of the equipment can we customize?
Kallpod call buttons are fully customizable, allowing your business to offer services to guests with a press of a button. Kallpod smartwatches are fully programmable to segregate to specific zones, servers, and teams, and to generate unique alerts such as sounds and/or vibration. User IDs on Kallwatches can also be customized to specific server names or zones.
How does the management console work?
The Kallpod Pro dashboard provides a management console which facilitates simple changes to account for staff or section adjustments whether it be table numbers, server names or messaging channels between individual staff or specific teams. Our customer success team is also able to configure a specific management console for your unique operation structure as a single-venue or multi-unit operator.
What is the WiFi signal strength required for the Kallpod Pro platform?
Kallpod Pro requires 10 Mbps upload and download speeds. We typically use our own dedicated AP line to ensure that the WiFi signal is secure and stable. In venues with little to no WiFi, we provide our radio frequency platform.
Are the Kallpods and Kallwatches waterproof?
While the Kallpod Pro is fully waterproof with its IP66 rating certified, Kallwatches are only water-resistant and can endure light to moderate moisture and will not function if fully submerged in water.
What are the different button options for Kallpod Pro?
Kallpod Pro has both 3 & 4 button options with full customizability on the button design. Typically, clients use the 4 buttoned device with SERVICE, CHECK, thumbs up & thumbs down icons.

Clients using the 3 buttoned device typically choose either SERVICE, CHECK, +1 ROUND, or SERVICE, CHECK, X icons.
How is programming, installation & staff training done?
While programing and configuration are done beforehand, onsite training and installation is recommended for Kallpod Pro. For training, while very simple to operate, we provide best practices to ensure your staff fully utilize the platform effectively and best introduce Kallpod to your guests. From programming to going live, our customer success team is available 24/7 to assist our partners on an ongoing basis.

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