Kallpod For Restaurants

From full service restaurants to fast casual chains to quick service operators, Kallpod is trusted by many market leaders as a tool to streamline operations and labor, and to increase revenue and the quality of service.

Kallpod empowers your staff to provide a memorable experience with the highest level of service.

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Empower Your Guests & Staff


  • Connect your customers with staff as servers are just a press of a Kallpod away
  • Improve the experience by reducing staff foot-traffic and customer wait-times
  • Promote re-order purchases by enabling customers to call for service without the wait or effort


Back-Of-House Integration

Chefs, expeditors and bartenders are able to immediately notify servers that food and drinks are ready.  By simplifying the communication channel, internal teams operate seamlessly and efficiently.

Staff response times are shortened and attending to guests becomes simple and effortless, enabling the front-of-house to devote more time to guests. As a result, the quality of food and drinks is improved, and bussed the moment it is prepared.

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Case Studies

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Packages start at $195/month

Kallpod Pro

Packages start at $295/month