Kallpod For Venues
and Facilities

From premium boxes and seating in stadiums & amphitheaters to conference rooms & office spaces to live events, Kallpod users can effortlessly call for service with minimal interruptions.

Kallpod is trusted by sports teams, companies, and live music venues as a tool to upgrade the quality of service. By empowering your staff to ensure the highest level of service, attendees will enjoy the event and employees will proceed with meetings unhindered.

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Kallpod Elevates the Experience

Kallpod Provides Incremental Revenue Opportunities
& Optimal Labor Utilization

  • Attendees enjoy the event uninterrupted with a higher level of service
  • Staff can request for assistance from support teams & managers without halting operations
  • Streamlined communications reduces service lag and idle staff times

Back-Of-House Integration

IT support, kitchen staff, facilities management, janitorial crews, or any other back-of-house teams are able to be notified by the front-of-house staff about tasks that need to be addressed.

By simplifying this communication channel, internal teams operate seamlessly and more efficiently. Staff response times are shortened and calling for service becomes simple and effortless, enabling the front-of-house staff to become more productive and devote more time to guests.

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Case Studies

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Packages start at $195/month

Kallpod Pro

Packages start at $295/month